Zeljava - underground army base and airport

There is question about owning Zeljava, between RH and BIH, there isn't any sign that base Zeljava interests NATO or that it will be open for civil air traffic. This site is result of my visit to mystic Zeljava in March 2007

Zeljava placed on the border with BIH, you can come from main road. Air base and airport are build for cold war needs. At leaving 1992 JNA Army blew Zeljeva with dynamite. Today base is abandon

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On this site I have decided to describe my visit to Military Air base and airport Zeljava (remain from EX JNA Army) in mountain Pljesivica, . At March 2007. for the first time I heard for Zeljava when I was reading magazine Globus. I was really suprised like all the others, when I read basic information about the Military Air base Zeljava. Zeljava is build like one of the biggest secrets of EX state. Building of this military airport in mountain cost from 3 to 8,5 billion $.

We planed our visit to Zeljava for 2 days, we managed to provide all necessary equipment (battery lamp (2 for each), warm clothes, strongly footwear, maps of all complex (with all of four tunnels exits. You can find many information about Zeljava on the Internet, but unfortunately there is a lot of information which are not truth or simply incorrect.
Before trip to Zeljava some people told us not to go or to go only with professional guider, to keep from radioactive mud and bears. :)